Meeting the needs of members / breeders to be efficient producers of quality racehorses and to enjoy the pursuit of their dreams


To be a knowledgeable, engaged and respected racing industry leader enabling breeders to pursue their dreams.


Demonstrating knowledge & passion
Obsessive about serving members
Having high standards
Vigilant and adaptive

N.Z. Standardbred Breeders’ Association Inc. (The Breeders) exists to create value for the breeders of standardbred horses.

The Mission challenges The Breeders to contribute to bringing benefits to the breeders of standardbred horses in New Zealand. It states why we exist.

The Vision is saying that to achieve our mission The Breeders as an organisation needs to be an industry leader.

Racing operates under a social contract with the diverse community called the public of New Zealand. A contract that permits us to race horses and dogs for many purposes including the enjoyment of breeders and owners and wagering. The contract operates in an atmosphere of changing social values and increasing transparency.

Our Core Values are our DNA. They set the foundation for everything we do. They guide behaviour and influence decisions. We are passionate about breeding and our sport. It is sometimes very hard in the face of troubles, but passion motivates harness racing in this country.

We are obsessive about serving our members through our six focal areas. Being obsessive demands high standards or implementation and service delivery. We will be vigilant and adaptive in observing influences and changes that affect our sport, seeking evidence to drive new solutions and approaches and encouraging adaptation.


Recognition and Rewards – showcasing breeders for their breeding commitment and achievements.

Public Relations – High quality internal and external communications with all industry stakeholders about breeding successes, industry issues and policy proposals.

Enhancing Productivity and Welfare – Produce research and provide advice and information to improve productivity and quality of breeding, improving efficiency in the use of the horses we bred, and enhancing the quality of life for Standardbreds after racing.

Sustaining Breeders Incomes – increasing stakes and opportunities for trotting and pacing fillies and mares, supporting affordable and sustainable breeding bonuses and incentive schemes and working to improve sales outcomes.

Advocacy – delivering high quality representation and advocacy on racing and harness issues at a governance and grass roots level.


The Breeders was established in July 1973 as the national representative body of breeders through a federation type arrangement with independent regional organisations.

There are three independent affiliates (North Island, Canterbury and Southland) who each appoint two people to the Executive.

We are reassessing our resourcing following the recent resignation of our full time Executive Manager, Brad Reid, who has moved the HRNZ as Breeding Manager. A decision will be made late in 2021.

The Breeders have 580 financial members, with partners totally around 1,000 individuals. This is 63% of those who bred a mare in the last season. Members are firstly members of a regional affiliate and then deemed to be members of The Breeders:

  • North Island Standardbred Breeders Inc – 125members
  • Canterbury Standardbred Breeders Association Inc – 302 members
  • Southern Standardbred Breeders Inc – 139 members
  • International – 14 members


We report our achievements annually to our members at an Annual General Meeting. Members are given a Chairman’s Report and Audited Financial Statements. Copies of these documents can be found in the Members area of the website. Our audited financial statements are filed with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies at societies.govt.nz .