Register of Standardbred Stallions of New Zealand




The NZ Standardbred Breeders’ Association is the publisher of the New Zealand Register of Standardbred Stallions, an annual collection of the sires available to New Zealand breeders in the coming season.

The Register is an industry leading publication including a vast amount of statistical information from the prior racing season that is sure to help you in making an informed breeding decision for your broodmare(s).

How do I receive a copy?

All breeders who bred a foal in New Zealand in the two previous seasons receive a copy of the Register free of charge in the post, as do members of The Breeders. We also send the Register to all Public Trainers, Open Drivers and owners of group-placed horses from the previous season.

Otherwise, complete the form below to indicate you would like to receive a copy of the register. We will then invoice you for postage & handling as below. Once we have confirmed payment we will mail the register to your address.

  • Australian Addresses: $25
  • New Zealand Domestic: $10
  • New Zealand Rural: $15

Or you can view the Register online by clicking the image at right.

Request a Standardbred Stallion Register

    Read an electronic copy of the Stallion Register back issues by following the links on cover photos below