Preparation is starting to get underway for sales and yearlings are coming in.
BetaVet would love to offer the members of the NZSBA a special deal on any 10L Prepare and Gastritec purchased now until 1st Feb.

All orders must be placed direct through BetaVet and emailed or txtd to SI Sales Representative Ashley Harrington PH 0276329754 or

10L Prepare (500 doses) – Discounted Trade rate $958.80 + GST special price $900 + GST

10L Gastri-Tec (500 doses) – Discounted Trade rate $958.80 + GST special price $900 + GST

PREPARE Peak Condition

Adaptogenic herbs help counter stress for a more balanced behaviour with a marked improvement in attitude for the parade ring . A unique whole body tonic that helps to build lean muscle mass, produce a nice top line and a soft lustrous coat resulting in peak condition.  BetaVet Prepare is not only body building with lean muscle mass development for best presentation but as importantly has a calming action to enable young horses to cope with the stressors on the big sales day and also makes them easier to manage on a daily basis!

• Peak conditioning for yearling preparations for sales, superior coat and muscle tone
• A nourishing whole body and appetite tonic that can improve feed efficiency
• Replenishes and nourishes healthy adrenal and nervous system function
• Supports immune function which helps improve resistance to and recovery from illness.
• Provides liver support for horses grazing on high endophyte pastures with mycotoxin activity or reactions to spring grass
• Promotes optimum health and calm energy production for continuous parades

For best results start 8 weeks prior to sales. Recommended load dose 20mls daily till sales.

GASTRI-TEC Gastric Conditioner

Gastric-Tec contains deglycyrrhized licorice with a mineral-rich, red marine plant lithothamnion for optimal gastro-intestinal health to help maintain optimal gastric secretions for a healthy gut, including the

 stomach and the hind gut. Optimising gut health is essential for wellbeing and growth.
  •  Professionally formulated herbal preparation designed to help support healthy digestive function for optimal gastro-intestinal health
  •  Beneficial for picky or fussy eaters and yearlings that are not thriving.
  •  Helps to produce optimal digestive function for feed efficency and nutritional uptake from feed.
  •  Adds condition and lustrous shine to coat.
  • Yearlings thrive on Gastri-Tec
For best results start 8 weeks prior to sales. Recommended load dose 20mls daily till sales. Both products are very palatable and are best given over the tongue but can be added to feed.