Brad Reid Accepts HRNZ Breeding Role & The Breeders Plan the Future

24th August 2021

For several months the NZ Standardbred Breeders Assn has been working with Harness Racing New Zealand to support it in its desire to strengthen breeding.

Under this plan HRNZ established the senior position of Breeding Manager to help it promote breeding and provide breeding perspectives into all its activities.

Brad Reid, our Executive Manager, accepted an offer from HRNZ Chief Executive Gary Woodham to take this role from 2 August.  Consequentially, Brad has resigned from The Breeders.


Brad celebrating Bolt For Brilliance’s 2YO Jewels win at Addington

“Brad’s almost six years as Executive Manager is greatly appreciated,” said Colin Hair, NZSBA Chair.

“During Brad’s tenure we have significantly enhanced our social media presence and maintained a strong member base of 1,100 breeders.”

“Brad’s breeding knowledge is immense.  His passion for trotting undoubted.”

“The insight he showed in finding a trotting mare who had been overlooked and breeding her to the world’s best stallion and producing Bolt For Brilliance says a lot about his knowledge, insight, enthusiasm and passion for our sport.  One mare, first breeding, Group One champion!”

Those characteristics continued with his work for The Breeders. “Brad was instrumental in securing clubs to run the trotting Oaks races and convincing Pat Driscoll the owner of Haras des Trotteurs to sponsor those races, and some Sires Stakes trotting races,” said Hair.

Being the manager of The Breeders requires the ability to listen to breeders talk about their horses.  Whether it is just a call about membership or an upcoming event you could guarantee Brad could draw a breeder into talking about their mare and her achievements.

“This ability enabled Brad to demonstrate one of his many competencies, an exceptional ability to write. His breeders’ human-interest stories in Breeders Update and Breeding Matters were widely appreciated,” said Colin.

“Thankfully for us this will continue with HRNZ, and we will look to reproducing these stories,”

“Our National Executive looks forward to working with Brad in his new role.”

“We will formally acknowledge his contribution at our Cup Eve Awards function,” said Hair.

As to the future, the National Executive has accepted a narrower role of supporting the community of breeders and our members.

Our mission is:

Meeting the needs of members / breeders to be efficient producers of quality racehorses and enjoying the pursuit of their dreams

We will work on:

  • CREATING CONNECTIONS – maintaining networks and working together for a sustainable future
  • REWARDING EXCELLENCE – rewarding and recognising breeders & members achievements
  • ENHANCING KNOWLEDGE – equipping breeders to make informed breeding decisions
  • ACHIEVING VOICE – influencing policy for breeders & members economic and social interests.

“We have a core suite of publications and functions that are valued by breeders and members which we will maintain,” said Hair.

“We have an approved plan for the future. In the next few weeks we will be consulting our three affiliates, our sponsors and HRNZ on that plan.”

“We are looking at options as to how we get the work done, including splitting the administration / finance / membership role away from the publication production / social media / public relations / events / voice responsibilities.”

“Once again, I wish Brad all the best on behalf of all our members, he is not going that far!” said Colin Hair.

During this interim period Brad is proving services to NZSBA. Please feel free to email him or phone 021 683 995

For further information contact
Colin Hair
Chair, NZSBA
Ph. 03 3279217