Change of Birthday Consultation – Part 2

11 August 2021


Harness Racing New Zealand estimates it is now halfway through the exhaustive process of finalising a new racing programme for the 2022 year.

“The change of horses’ birthday to January 1 has prompted a massive re-think of the way we run our sport,” says HRNZ General Manager – Racing Catherine McDonald.

“For months now we have been looking at everything – how to enhance every part of our sport, and that includes increased stakes, improving breeding numbers, better opportunities for all grades of both pacers and trotters, and keeping our horses here rather than being sold to Australia …. it is a massive project.”

There has been extensive consultation with clubs, trainers, breeders, owners and other industry participants, including weekly Wednesday meetings at HRNZ.

“We have just had round two of feedback as we zero in on what the programme will look like,” says McDonald.

“Those final decisions are still some weeks away.”

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