Finish line in sight for Horse Ambulance Trust

10 March 2021

#CompleteTheFleet is the slogan for the New Zealand Horse Ambulance’s latest fund-raising venture.

The aim is to raise $150,000 for a tenth and final horse ambulance. It will service the South Auckland area, and ensure that an ambulance is at every race meeting, and also major Equestrian Sport New Zealand events, in New Zealand.NZ Horse Ambulance Trust

A Givealittle page has been set up, and it has gone past $22,000. Many participants within the standardbred and thoroughbred codes have come on board already, including one donation of $10,000.

There will be also be fund-raising events around the country to try and keep the money rolling in.

The Horse Ambulance Trust was established in 2016 for funding, procuring and operating a national fleet of ambulances.

The equine ambulances have been specifically designed with animal welfare in mind, and have a full hydraulic suspension system, which means they can be dropped to the ground and raised again. This is important as it means when a horse is injured there is far less stress on the animal than having to walk up or down a ramp.

Each purpose built horse ambulance costs $95,000, with the remainder going towards a towing vehicle.

Anyone wanting to help out can find the link here