NZSBA Members’ Page Updates

7 December 2020

by Brad Reid

NZSBA members

The Association’s Annual General Meeting is coming up very soon. The best place for members to get up to speed on the year in review, and what’s in front of us, is in the Members Only area of the website.

You’ll find there the Notice of Meeting for the upcoming AGM on 17th December 2020, the Minutes of the national body’s 2019 AGM and SGM, as well as the just-released Annual Report for the Year to 31 July 2020.

There’s plenty more to interest members on the pages, including the Breeders’ Forum, where we encourage members to engage in constructive and meaningful dialogue about the Standardbred breeding industry.

You’ll need your Member password to access that area of the website. If you’ve misplaced it just contact us by email.