New Zealand Trotting Owners Association Re-Established


The New Zaland Trotting Association Incorporated (NZTOA) is the kindred body responsible representing our harness racing owners.

NZTOA is also a recognised industry body under the Racing Industry Act 2020.

In 2019 the association lapsed and was struck off the Register of Incorporated Societies.

Last Sunday the NZSBA promoted the re-establishment of the society and 18 people signed up as the initial members. Our ambition is to grow much bigger.

The meeting adopted the new constitution that is complaint with the Incorporated Societies Act 2023. Final NZTOAConstitution 10Dec23 

NZTOA’s prime purpose is to promote, develop and foster ownership in the sport of standardbred horses.

There is a lot going on in our sport that needs input from owners.

The meeting adjourned so that we can:

  1. seek further members.
  2. seek expressions of interest for the Committee from owners across the country; and
  3. elect the Committee of seven members.


If you wish to become a member you can fill out the Membership Form here.

By completing the form you agree to become a member.  You will be invited to the resumed general meeting, held via Zoom.

The membership fee will be set by the resumed general meeting. It is likely to be $20.


If you would like to put your name forward for election the seven-person Committee, please send an email to  with a few lines of information about your interest in promoting harness ownership. An election will be held at the resumed meeting.

Registration of the Society

Registration can proceed once the committee meets and elects the Chair etc. The Committee will appoint two additional members. It will also appoint its representative to the National Forum.

Kindred Body

When registered the society will apply to HRNZ to be recognised as the owners’ kindred body.

Any questions John Mooney, or 021 614 190.