The Breeders respond to HRNZ Working Group releases

26th August 2021

The HRNZ Racing Working developing options for group racing and other initiatives in the light of the change to the calendar year racing season. Working for the last 4 months they have been consulting with a group of clubs, trainers owners and breeders. NZSBA is not formally involved.

HRNZ has released two public consultation paper:.

NZSBA has made a submission to HRNZ on each round of the public notifications:

The NZSBA Round 2 submission provides feedback on three areas:

  • The proposed ‘Ratings and Bonus Series’, specifically the Breeder Bonuses and funding of, by way of an ‘Export Fee’.
  • Supply of horses to sustain current level of racing.
  • Complementarity with key Australian carnivals and prestigious races.

NZSBA recognizes HRNZ as our key partner in achieving long-term sustainability and viability of standardbred breeding in New Zealand.