Investing in The Future

This is a short version of a  discussion paper prepared by NZSBA for the new HRNZ Breeding Focus Group which is seeking strategies to sustain breeding. The paper proposes a broad concept for a fundamental restructuring and enhancement of fillies and mares’ races, stakes and programming.

We need to act now to secure an optimal pool of quality pacing and trotting broodmares being bred to secure a sustainable harness racing sport. Fillies and mares are the foundations of our sport. BROODMARES are our infrastructure.

Support for broodmares and breeders needs to be built into the structure of rewards, financial and intangible (i.e. enjoyment through winning and participation). It cannot be done with add-ons and bonuses. No other industry would try to sustain itself and renew and improve the quality of its ‘infrastructure’ with ad hoc schemes, the equivalent of Lotto winnings.

Your contributions, thoughts and support are very welcome