Draft Code of Conduct Regulations – For Consultation

15 November 2021

To All Clubs & Kindred Bodies

Consultation on Draft Code of Conduct Regulations

An updated draft of Harness Racing New Zealand’s Code of Conduct has been completed, and is now open for submissions.  The latest version includes a number of changes from the original draft that was circulated to participants in our sport earlier this year.

“Our initial draft received a lot of feedback, with many thinking it was too wordy, too complicated  and too confusing“ says Harness Racing Chief Executive Gary Woodham, “so we have taken those comments into account in shaping this document.”

“Another criticism was that the Code impinged on people’s rights and took away their right to free speech. This is not the case.”  The Code of Conduct is all about ensuring everyone in harness racing knows what is expected and required of them.

“And that means us all working towards having a positive and supportive professional working environment.  What we are doing is in line with all other major sports. There have to be guidelines on what’s acceptable behaviour and what isn’t,” says Woodham.

The Code encompasses all sorts of conduct that includes personal interaction as well as on-line comments through social media. “We have zero tolerance for abuse or malicious behaviour. We have to protect our sport, our people and our reputation,” says Woodham.

People wanting to comment on the new document now have a month to make their submissions, before the HRNZ Board makes a final decision.

It is anticipated the new Code of Conduct will come into effect from 1st January 2022.

Any feedback on the draft Code of Conduct Regulations should be directed to Liz Bishop at lbishop@hrnz.co.nz by close of business on Monday 6th December 2021.

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