Covid19 Level 4 Update

18 August 2021

Stay safe and look out for one another! 

Please plan ahead if you have mares to move to studs or for foaling – we will keep you posted as information comes to hand.

Follow COVID-19 guidelines at all times.

HRNZ Update

Animal welfare is paramount so those in charge of a horse such as owners or trainers are allowed to feed and care for their horses, though fast working them or training is not allowed.

There will also be no trials or workouts in the meantime.

Movement is restricted so that means that if a trainer/owner/breeder lives on-site then the preference is other workers/individuals should not travel to their stables or residence unless they are required to help feed horses or provide light exercise due to the size of the team in work. PLEASE NOTE LEVEL 4 is not business as usual with regards to training horses.

Face masks are mandatory as is social distancing and everyone is encouraged to practice social distancing and to hand sanitise regularly.

Vet treatment is allowed, but only if it is urgent.

More info regarding race meetings etc

Horse Movements

Majestic Horse Floats LP operate as an essential business for animal welfare. This means they can still complete essential local movements under level 4

Message from Majestic;

Anyone who has a horse currently in transit with us, or scheduled for transit in the coming days, will be contacted by our transport managers to advise next steps.
If collecting horses for essential movements, we will have strict protocol in place to keep both you and our staff safe, please read the following carefully:

  • Payment is to be made at time of booking prior to moving the horse. If payment is not sighted before the pick-up date, your horse will not be picked up.
  • Majestic staff will give an estimated time of arrival to property. There must be someone on site either side of an hour of this estimated time. This person must have a working mobile phone so we can contact them and they must be COMPETENT and ABLE to help load the horse/s.
  • On truck arrival please guide the driver to loading bank or area of load/unload. Once in desired location please signal drive to stop. Please do not touch the truck or any of the operating door controls. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE.
  • We will endeavour to keep to the 2 metre separation rule but this may not be possible.
  • If you are sick please call to rebook your transport for a later date.
  • We hope everyone is keeping well and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require a quote.

Kind regards,
The Team at Majestic Horse Floats