Statement on Stallion Book Limits

Monday, July 13, 2020

You are probably aware that Harness Racing Australia has recently introduced stallion book limits for the current season.

HRNZ, who are conducting a review of its breeding regulations, has advised us that it has no intention of following a similar course of action this season for a number of reasons.

Firstly, COVID 19 issues, the passing of the new Racing Industry Act, the restructuring of the TAB and getting agreement on dates and funding all are creating significant workload for the sport and HRNZ. These have priority over many other matters, including the breeding regulations.

Secondly, HRNZ has been in a process of consultation over the last four years on a number of breeding related issues including the use frozen semen after the death of a stallion and the use of frozen embryos and frozen eggs. This is still work in progress.

Thirdly, HRNZ had previously indicated that consideration of introducing stallion limits would need further consultation with studs and breeders.

NZ Standardbred Breeders has started a project gathering data on the issue. This will feed into future consultations.