Amendments to Breeding Regulations

31 July 2021

HRNZ Official Notice

At the Special General Meeting of Harness Racing New Zealand Inc held on 27 May 2021 at Christchurch, changes were approved to Rules 105, and 1601 to 1617 in relation to The Stud Book and Breeding. These changes come into effect 1 August 2021.

As part of the consultation process to amend the Stud Book and Breeding Rules above, draft Breeding Regulations were also provided. The Rules provide the framework for standardbred breeding, with the Breeding Regulations setting out the operational detail.

As a consequence of the rule amendments being approved at the Special General Meeting, the Board of Harness Racing New Zealand has approved the Breeding Regulations, also effective 1 August 2021. The substance of these Breeding Regulations remains unchanged from the version provided during the consultation process, and a copy can be viewed here.

The full HRNZ Rules and Regulations are available on the HRNZ website.

Gary Woodham
Chief Executive
Harness Racing New Zealand