20 August 2021

Please read carefully regarding branding and microchipping for showing.

If your horse is already branded, it is not required to be microchipped as well (even for such things as life certificates, a brand is enough).

If you choose to microchip your already branded Standardbred for your own purposes ie. further identification etc. – it is your responsibility to make sure your vet uses the right chip for it to be registered with HRNZ.

You need to contact Harness Racing New Zealand (03 964 1200) and through them obtain, for your vet – an official HRNZ sequenced microchip that they can register to your horse. Harness Racing New Zealand will inform you of what you will need to provide to achieve this.

The HRNZ sequenced chips will be the ONLY accepted chips if your horse is scanned (for showing). So please if you are going to add a microchip be thorough about getting the right one.

However, if your horse is branded – it is unlikely you will be scanned.

Please note, it is not New Zealand Standardbred Breeders Association that deals with the microchipping registration.

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